Same-world speculative fiction has historically been reserved for Nebula and Hugo award winners, a fascinating but inaccessible medium. As writers, collaborators, and creators, we wanted to reimagine same-world creativity, and make it accessible to more than just established, awarded authors. We founded Night Sky Press to be an inclusive, supportive space where we could reinvent a speculative fiction artform that has been lost in the present day, and bring it back better than ever (much like Jurassic Park, wherein everything went perfectly.)

Meet the Crew

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A'liya Spinner

A'liya Spinner (he/him & she/her) is a non-binary activist, author, and aspiring paleogeneticist, with her creative works been published in various locations. Most importantly, his favorite dinosaur is the Allosaurus fragilis. Talk about magpies, dinos, and queerness with him at her Twitter, @cladist_magpie. 


Keith Nelson

Keith (he/him) is an aspiring pilot and filmmaker. His first shortfilm, The Perspective of the Soul, was released on YouTube in November, 2020, and he hopes to move on to bigger projects in the future.