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Do you come in peace?

Night Sky Press is an occasional, same-world anthology series. Every issue features a different unique and original world to inspire our writers, curating collaboration and pushing same-world speculative fiction into an accessible, modern spotlight.

Our (Ongoing) Mission

In a word, what we strive to foster is collaboration. As an idea, it's as expansive as the universe we wish to create. Night Sky Press was founded on the ideals of teamwork, creativity, and openness to ideas that haven't garnered "mainstream" attention. For now and forever, our vow is that every issue will be a new and incredible vision, every planet will be a playground for inventiveness, and every author will be as greatly valued as they deserve to be. Night Sky Press was born from the idea of the sky being the limit. Boundless opportunity and infinite possibilities make this anthology series one that is as unique as the stories that will populate it and the authors that will create it. We have created the skeleton and the sky; you will create the stars.

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